Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Possible Future of Search: Yahoo's Web of Objects?


I like the direction that Yahoo is taking with regards to the future of search. Focusing on the combination of search algorithms, user intent and content aggregation to create a portal with a "web of objects". Filled with articles, videos and pictures focusing on the intent of a users search instead of just a lists of urls based on a few keywords.

When you look at the current search landscape it is fairly archaic and inefficient. Throw a few words together in the hope that an algorithm can infer intent towards the search results. You are then presented with a list of web pages that in the most general sense has a high reputation and keyword matching for your results.

Kudos to Yahoo for giving us a sneak peak at what it has in store. It also helps in understanding why Yahoo has changed from focusing on search algorithms to content in recent years. With this "web of objects" idea in mind it makes perfect sense for Yahoo to become a content creator and aggregator.

Seems like a theme for fallen web giants (hint hint AOL!).

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